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notes for the journey. on a day in may.

liz lamoreux


a little glimpse into a april afternoon with viv (polaroid by viv)

i have been quiet over here. i think it is because i have entered that "whoa, it is getting difficult to get comfortable" stage of things, and resting whenever possible (i.e. not multi-tasking) is where i am trying to dwell. but there is quite a bit to finish in these three weeks before she arrives. we are working on the nursery (but have let go of the need for perfection before she gets here). i am finishing up some more book edits (please let me not be working on them while hanging out in the hospital). i am working on some new pages and other fun things for the be present retreats site, and i am indeed hoping to have the fall retreat information up very soon. and there is that thanks for hanging in there with me (and stopping by to say hello). 

oh and happy mother's day! my sweet husband baked me a cake yesterday to celebrate my first mother's day, but alas there was an accident in the kitchen that created little shards of glass everywhere last evening and a few found there way to the top of the cake. always something. i think there is a plan to make another cake today, but really, it is the thought that counts in this case. it is a beautiful thing to be gently pushed to know that i am indeed already a mama...

and the "nesting thing"...hmm...i suppose it is showing up in little bursts now and then. saturday, i made a quilt top (and i am determined to finish it this week) for the little one's room, along with a patchworked "dresser scarf" that makes me smile. i really do love the rhythm of patchwork.

okay, enough babble, here are a few ponderings and wanderings for you to explore and think about in your own quiet moments...

leah's thank you notes are simply fantastic (via susannah).

danielle's new spot in blog world (and her etsy shop) make me smile.

mindy's birds (and other creations) are full of such whimsy, color, and joy.full.ness (this one will be hanging in the little one's room).

jon and i received this brilliant "baby" book by artist nikki mcclure. we hope to fill out a few pages during those early moments of "do you think i really am in labor?" when we are on the cusp of the adventure that is to come...

mary ann's blog, dispatch from la, is a current favorite. i hope to take her remains of the day workshop later this year. such goodness here.

even though insomnia (and not being able to get comfortable in bed) is not my favorite part of this day, there is something really beautiful about being awake when the birds first start singing there song to welcome the sun. yes. beautiful.

lately, when my mind turns to something that currently has me perplexed and more than a bit sad, i have inhaled deeply and felt my feet under me to know that i am grounded and then exhaled with an image of compassion and love finding its way to all the corners that need light. it helps a bit.