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nine {with christina rosalie}

liz lamoreux

Today's Nine interview is with the rock star who is Christina Rosalie. Back in 2006, a group of creative bloggers began working through The Artist's Way together (so many bloggers I still read today were part of that group), and I remember coming across Christina's blog, My Topography, during that time. I recall that I paused and settled in to read into her archives that day knowing I had found a blog of truth and beauty and real-ness. Watching her journey from afar these last few years has been a joy as she shines as an example of someone making her creative dreams a true reality. Her recent project, her book A Field Guide to Now, has invited me to think about the importance of claiming what we want and living it into being. You will want to check this project out and find out more so you too can hold this book in your hands one day soon. 

Sit back and enjoy this glimpse into Christina's world... 




Question 1: Who are you?



Question 2: What do you love about where you live?





Question 3: What might your perfect afternoon look like?







Question 4: If you had an hour alone in your studio/creative space, what would you do? 







Question 5: Right now, what are some of your favorite things?







Question 6: What foods nourish your soul?







Question 7: When you need to simply take a breath and reground yourself, what do you do?




Question 8: How do you nurture your creative dreams?







Question 9: Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?




Christina Rosalie is a writer, a mixed-media artist, and a mother. She has a knack for leaving things on the roof of her car, and a habit of eavesdropping in cafes, and a pocketful of wanderlust. Christina lives at the end of a long dirt road in Vermont with her two boys, her husband, and a flock of chickens. She is currently working on an illustrated collection of essays called A Field Guide To Now ( http://kck.st/aCtHbL) and writing her first novel. Her short fiction and essays have recently appeared in the Sun, Mothering, and the Blue Print Review; her story "If You Fall It Is Your Fault" is  forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review (http://redhen.org/losangelesreview/) this fall. You can find her at  www.mytopography.com.

(all photos copyright Christina Rosalie)



Nine is an interview series with creative folks that began in the Spring of 2009; the interviewees are asked to respond to the interview questions in photographs (or video). You can scroll through all the interviews here.