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notes for the journey (october)

liz lamoreux

slowing down to notice . april in port townsend, wa

after teaching the creative self-care workshop yesterday (such a truly beautiful day spent with amazing women), i have been thinking about a few things that are inspiring my own creative self-care:

slowing down again and again and again to see the world around me. for a minute, for ten, for an afternoon if possible

ali's list of little things

jenna's alchemy daily: it starts tuesday, and it's a 30-day frolic of prompts, inspiration, and writing magic with juicy goodness arriving in your inbox each day. if you are thinking about blogging every day in november, this would be a good place to get some inspiration.

kristin noelle's words about "trust tending and the internet." such goodness here that i am soaking into me. (you, yes you, need this one.)

jen lee's self-care Rx list

kristen's truth about first "showing up" for herself.

rearranging the artwork in my home. (peeks can be seen here, here, here, and here)

creating soundtracks to my life: i am a bit late to the mumford and son's party (i know, i know), but their music is part of my current self-care soundtrack. a few projects on my list right now have me writing from the guts of me, in the best most healing way, but in the way that takes it out of you a bit. sigh no more is on repeat right now. and "the cave" has me knowing i am not alone while i want to almost scream these words as i jump up and down (but i am in a starbucks right now so i am just doing this in my mind as i tap my foot loudly.)