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nine {with carla blazek}

liz lamoreux

Today's Nine interview is with the delightful and truly kindred spirit Carla Blazek. I remember coming across Carla's candle shop, Zena Moon, a few years ago and immediately knowing that this woman gets it. I mean candles with names like "everyday sacred," "honoring silence," "moving through change" paired with beautiful quotes and add in corresponding gem stones plus gorgeous subtle scents...ah, yes, please. Then, a few weeks later, I suddenly discovered her blog address coming across my stats. Is this the same woman? Yes! A fellow blogger as well. I was so thrilled to connect with this kind, smart cookie. And then her candles...if you have been reading be present, be here for a while, you know about my love affair with her candles. We first ordered them when I was going through a health scare. Lighting the "healing" candle each day invited me to feel like I had some piece of control in the midst of a scary experience. A few of the names of the candles one can find around these parts on an almost daily basis are: boundaries, namaste, serenity, owl, moon magic...and how the list goes on.

I am so thrilled to share Carla's answers to the Nine...


Question 1: Who are you?



Question 2: What do you love about where you live?


Question 3: What might your perfect afternoon look like?


Question 4: If you had an hour alone in your studio/creative space, what would you do?


Question 5: Right now, what are some of your favorite things?


Question 6: What foods nourish your soul?


Question 7: When you need to simply take a breath and reground yourself, what do you do?


Question 8: How do you nurture your creative dreams?


Question 9: Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?



Carla Blazek is a writer, candlemaker and doggiemama. A longtime Seattleite, when life painfully fell apart she landed back in her hometown, Spokane, WA. Like many women in their 40s, she is in the exquisite, bewildering and exhilarating process of re-discovering and seducing herself as a single woman. New passions include photography, burlesque dancing, triathlons and calligraphy.

She is the founder and owner of zena moon, Oprah’s favorite candles (http://zenamoon.com). Her first book, Women at Rest, is nearly finished. You can find Carla at http://www.facebook.com/carla.blazek.

(All photos copyright Carla Blazek.)



Nine is an interview series with creative folks that began in the Spring of 2009; the interviewees are asked to respond to the interview questions in photographs (or video). You can scroll through all the interviews here.