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liz lamoreux

hope you are making merry in your corner

hoping your days have been full of merry and self-care and laughter and love and moments surrounded by those you most want to be with and moments to breathe it all in and moments to remember you are not alone.

thank you for your kind kind words on my last two posts. thank you for getting it. lots of tea and rest and crocheting over here in the midst of making some merry and playing santa together and getting out of pajamas for a little while (yesterday) and all of us staying in new ones all day (today). i feel a bit better, but we now have a little one who seems to be embarking on her first cold. 'tis the season i suppose. another parents learning curve ahead.

a good day though full of new toys for each of us, a few christmas movies, a nap or two, and lots of cuddles. but now on to more rest...

love and light,


PS one of my favorite gifts this year was seeing glimpses of so many of my favorite people's holiday moments on instagram over the last few days. it was like the best slideshow of real beauty and food and joy and truth and silliness and merry ever. for reals. thank you for that. (connect with me @lizelayne on instagram.)