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just be (a guest post from patty waite)

liz lamoreux

while we are awaiting the arrival of our little one or maybe by this time soaking up the wonder of a newborn in the house, a few of my blogging friends are sharing some guests posts...enjoy today's musing from patty waite.



so often it seems i

look but do not see

listen but do not hear

touch but do not feel

sniff but do not smell

eat but do not taste


have you ever felt this way?  like life is passing you by and you didn’t really live it?  like a whole year just passed and you can barely remember more than a few really experiential moments?  it was, in part, this realization that prompted me to choose my word(s)-of-the-year for 2010: JUSTBE.


it won’t surprise anyone reading this blog that a lot of what i’ve learned about “just be”-ing, i’ve learned from one of the best role models around – that would be the lovely liz lamoreux!  i mean, reading her posts is like taking a little box labeled “this moment”, slooowly opening the lid, then digging into it with a little hand shovel, searching for jewels of buried treasure, pulling each one out and examining it, then putting each one back in the box, closing the lid and being that much richer for the experience.


so i’m making progress and doing better with the whole justbe endeavor.  and while i could never attempt to take liz’s place in this regard, i will share a few of my favorite “justbe” images.  my hope is that one of them might prompt you to pause and dig deeply into this present moment.


About Patty: I am primarily a perpetual student of life.  I would love to discover your take on things and would happily share mine with you. My goal is to be open in all situations and to see both sides of an issue (as well as the lighter side!) and hopefully spread a little love along the way.

Secondarily, I am a photographer, teacher, writer, mixed-media and digital artist, seeker, presenter, back roads traveler and hiker and, most recently, hospice volunteer.