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i choose: happiness

liz lamoreux


a few things making me happy this evening...

1. i visited gypsy girl's guide this weekend (alex, the gypsy girl herself, is on maternity leave as she just had her little one) and i mused about the idea of self-portraits and shared a few things that make me feel strong and brave and beautiful. 

2. a "new to me" polaroid spectra camera is bringing a smile to my face. i have taken one of the three photos it still had in it when it arrived (and the photo was a good one!). i can't wait to learn more about the spectra and polaroids and lighting needed when taking a polaroid from maddie when she teaches at Reveal in less than two weeks. (and yes, the rumors are true, there are still a couple of spots left at this retreat. if you are reading this and suddenly have that oh my goodness i must check airline prices right now feeling...well, i hope you will as i would really love to see you [and, as a perk, you will get to meet this person AND hang out with this person who will be looking after the aforementioned little one]). 

3. i am so thrilled to be a guest during one of the week's of jenna's fantastic e-course Alchemy: A Writing Course for Creative Souls. i have had some sneak peeks of this course, and to put it simply, it is going to be a very good thing. no way around it. i hope you will join jenna for so much goodness this october.

4. spent a bit of time doing a little etsy window shopping where i found (oh how i adore) this, (oh the blue!) this, and (oh i think i need) this.

5. watching ellie have a full conversation with the octopus that hangs from her activity mat thingamabob was a highlight of this weekend. seriously. that girl loves to talk. i am convinced that she says "hi" and "yes" but the others words i am not quite getting yet. 

6. the little "one word" lockets i mentioned in my last post are now in the shop. i made myself my own "joy" simple locket as a much needed reminder.

7. yesterday afternoon was spent with my dear friend deb who gently held my words and shared pieces of her own story and her wisdom while we dined together and had some mighty tasty margaritas. in this moment, i am smiling just thinking about our time together. (thank you girl)

8. oh and your preorders of my book...well...seeing them pop into my inbox is really making me grin. thank you. i simply cannot wait for you to read Inner Excavation!


i have admit that today was filled with quite a bit of wallowing. i got bogged down by feelings of disappointment and less than and who do i think i am and fear and hurt feelings. i chose to close the laptop and take a break from all that stuff and focus instead on creating and watching the rain fall and seeking out the peeks of blue sky and listening to ellie coo and sharing a long hug with my husband. but how i wanted to wallow. still, i pushed myself (while kicking and screaming in my head). i pushed myself to seek out the goodness and the beauty and found my way to standing inside moments of happiness.