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liz lamoreux

Oh this face.

oh this face :: Millie, my daily companion for the last eight years (she's 12)

enjoying :: apples + peanut butter, coconut milk creamer, hearing Millie snore in the middle of the day (always, always)

listening :: I found my long lost iPod nano last month (lost since 2007), so playlists made circa 2006 are in the air around here. Like this one. Feels like yesterday and 20 years ago all at once.

seeing :: Spending more time with the mirror meditation...giving myself space to notice the truth, beauty, realness of showing up as me when I just look myself in the eyes and breathe. (And feeling moved to ask you to join me. More on that next week.)

reading :: This month's Sprout magazine is all about friendship. And Kelly and I have a little piece about how two little Indiana girls found their way to become friends and how it took one of them moving across the country for them to find one another. There is some really lovely poetry in this month's issue too.

loving :: My new Texture mini comfy skirts. I'm wearing them over yoga pants, and the pocket is perfect for my phone and the length is great for doing yoga (and, well, everyday living). I've been wearing Texture for about seven years now and so glad I decided to try this length. Almost didn't because the word "mini" seems counterintuative to someone who wears an XL, but really this length is great over pants (or even another skirt).

watching :: House of Cards (new Netflix series that is so darn good) + this incredibly hilarious video from Ophira Eisenberg's appearance on the Late Late Show (thanks to Jen for sending it over! Ophira is part of Jen's incredible Telling Your Story curriculum) + introducing my studio assistant (aka Ellie's babysitter) to Alias while we packaged this week (I remembered that first episode being like a mini movie but oh.my.goodness it was fun to watch with someone who had no idea what would happen next. oh and hello bradley cooper!)

trusting :: Trying to clear some distractions so I can trust what I hear in the space where the quiet and my intuition mingle. 

noticing :: Spring is returning. Yes. From the buds on the cherry tree to the green crocus shoots appearing, she is finding her way again.