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can you choose love today?

liz lamoreux

It didn’t go the way you planned
(this day, this moment,
this month, this time in your life)

Can you still choose love?

You weren’t your best self
(your ego was in charge
you got caught up
in envy
simply wanting to be liked)

Can you still choose love?

You said things you didn’t mean
(or didn’t even understand
or didn’t even realize
because you were so caught up in the old stories)

Can you still choose love?

You have a tight grasp on what was
(you feel lost

Can you still choose love?

You miss a piece of who you used to be
(you’ve tried to hide
or pretend you haven’t noticed
or stuffed the feelings down so very deep)

Can you still choose love?

this moment

I know it’s hard sometimes
I know the push and pull of life can feel heavy
I know the roles you move in and out of stack up
I know you thought being an adult would be easier
I know you have so many stories inside you

I know
Oh honey
I know

Today, I make a choice
one I’ve made many times
one that can still feel hard
I walk down the hall
stand in front of the mirror
close my eyes
one breath
then another
then another
then two more
and then I open my eyes and say,
I love you

Join me
Choose love today


I often read my posts aloud once before posting. When I did this today, these words felt like a powerful declaration. So I pressed record in case you need to hear them too. Just click "choose love" below to listen. You can also right-click and save.

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choose love