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glimpses {1}

liz lamoreux

Evidence I do sometimes cook pancakes from scratch

She's been wearing them indoors too. Makes me so darn happy.
(We found them at Old Navy.) 

As summer arrives, the 1993 collection will be returning to the shop soon because
I love going back to my high school jewelry making roots.

Called on my tools on the Tuesday that felt like a Monday:
glitter glasses + unicorns + poetry + coffee.

Celebrating Jonny's birthday

Soul Mantras all in a row waiting to be polished.

tea + watercolors + listening to Pixie Campbell's wisdom from her Boundaries Bootcamp class
This is how I #fillitupbuttercup 

Part of being a parent is just forgiving yourself again and again. When you have a triumph, like being able to take in the waist of the special pajamas she has to wear for her pajama party at school tomorrow and you save the day, well, you have to hold that triumph close.


Over on Instagram, you can find me sharing "the true stories" with glimpses of my world. I still think it is the best social media community out there. And it somehow feels like this really safe space where I can process the real and the beauty and the hard stuff with a circle of kindreds.

If you're on Instagram, come over and say hi. I'd love to connect with you there.