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from dream to do (in moving pictures)

liz lamoreux

Recently, Grace, a kindred spirit who attended one of my retreats last year, sent me an email with the following questions: You wrote recently about a new dream project you are working on. So my question has to do with when you have in inkling of an idea, and the more you think about it, the more you are convinced it's something that must be brought to light, how then do you move your mind from dreaming and thinking to fleshing out and planning (especially when you haven't done anything like this before)? What is it that you are doing/saying to yourself to move into that space?

When thinking about her questions, I felt moved to share my response in a video. However, as I mention in the video, I recorded this as a really organic off the cuff not at all planned without any notes response to Grace's questions, which means the video is a bit long (about 18 minutes). You might just want to read the rest of the post below that includes the main points I made. In the video though, I do share about why I decided to begin to host and organize retreats and why I created Poem It Out when the idea tugged on me in just the last couple of weeks.

I don't always do things in the following order, but here are some of things I do to move an idea from the dream stage to the "do" stage. 

1. I listen to my heart and choose one or two ideas at a time that have me jumping up and down with excitement. [Reading this later, I think I will devote another post to this piece soon.]
2. I circle with my kindreds/think tank to get some feedback. (Hiring a fantastic, soulfull business coach has helped me with this big time.)
3. I use an idea journal to begin to visualize how I can make the idea happen. (My Smash journals are helping me so much with this!)
4. I simply try to believe that I will find my way to make it happen (that I can do it). And part of this is being honest with myself about what I am good at and what I most want to do. [This feels a bit like I am a product of staring at those posters and mugs in Successories when in my teens (remember that store?), but believing I can implement what I most want to do is a big part of living an idea into reality. Though I guess I should say thanks to my mom for always having some of those cards/posters around.]
5. If something doesn't work but it still stirs my soul, I try to rework it or look at how I might not be explaining it well enough to my audience. In other words, I repeat numbers 1-4.

6. I try to let go of the ideas that don't continue to really excite me (even if I think they might make money).

And as I look through this list above, if I had to sum all of this up in one phrase, I would say: I try to get out of my own way.

Thanks again for the questions Grace. I am excited to share some more on this subject and have tucked a few more ideas for future posts into the "blogging intentions" section of my creative wholeness journal. Stay tuned...