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five (really) good things

liz lamoreux


1. She did it! Ellie went down the big slide at the zoo yesterday. She's been wanting to do it all summer and tries each time we go. It has been incredible to watch her. She started earlier this summer by climbing the steps first with one of us, then alone, and then she would stand at the top and watch the other kids push past her. She came close twice but decided she wasn't ready. We've had a lot of conversations about what it means to be brave, how you can do things even when you are a little afraid, and how it is okay to wait until you are ready too. She seems to really be excited about the idea that you can be brave and still be a little afraid at the same time. (YES!)

Yesterday, she decided she was ready so we took a special trip to the zoo. When we got to the slide, she climbed right up the steps, sat right down, and away she went. It was awesome!


2. The recording of our Chickadee Chat is available for viewing right here! LOVED circling in this new way and am so thankful to those of you who gathered with Kelly and me last evening. More chats to come! 

3. Speaking of chats, I keep meaning to tell you that I had the incredible experience of being part of one of Alana Sheeren's Transformation Talks a few weeks ago. Alana creates a beautiful space for people to share about the ways life has cracked them open and how they've filled the cracks. We talked about how my creative practices helped me during times of grief. Honestly, this feels like one of the most important conversations I've had about the work I put in the world and how this work is really how I live my life. (Thank you Alana.) You can watch the video or download the audio here.  

4. And last month I spent the day with Pace and Kyeli in their new home in Portland! Oh these two are so delightful. I was an in-person guest on their Wild Crazy Meaningful Life podcast and we talked all about "Living an Instagrammed Life." I blogged about this idea here (and have a few more posts in the works about this topic) and it was great to continue this conversation with Pace and Kyeli.


5. Shop news: My Etsy shop Soul Mantras and Other Stories now has a Facebook page! I'll be sharing a few fun things over there including FB only discount codes and other good things.

I've just added this new turquoise feather love necklace to the So I Fly Collection. My hope is that it will remind you that you can look up at the sky above you and make the choice to fly even on the days when you aren't sure of the next step. Yes. (Turquoise always reminds me of my grandmother. After she died we realized she was wearing shades of turquoise in almost every photo taken of her during the last 20 years of her life. Gosh I miss her.)

And how about over in your corner. What are five really good things in your world? I'd love to know.