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capturing this moment: around here

liz lamoreux

One of my favorite prompts is to gather photos that simply represent what we've been up to "around here" in the everyday moments. Taking the time to sift through Instagram photos and the photos I've taken with my "big camera" helps me to slow down and really see what is happening in the in-between spaces. 

Here's what I found when I looked through photos of the everyday moments from the last few weeks...

creative play (and ever-present patience)

storytelling (complete with hand motions these days)

sorting (and a mama's ability to somehow keep finding things to do)

cuddling under quilts (movie nights and naps)

throwing rocks (and lots of reminders about throwing away from living things)

listening to stories (and talking through the intense moments when needed)

pausing in the quiet (and choosing to really listen)

meals together (simple go-to favorites)

Here's what I know: It isn't about the "quality" of the photo. It isn't about capturing every moment. It isn't about getting photos "as good" as someone you admire on Instagram. It's about living.

It's about noticing the simple moments that make up your world. It's about having the camera nearby to capture what you're drawn to. It's about getting in the photo. It's about having a way to remember the moments she finally put down the paintbrush and let herself begin to paint with just her fingers. It's about reminding yourself that you did really have dinner at the table sometimes. 

It's about noticing the everyday moments of what life looks like around here.

Take some time to capture this moment through your lens today. See if you can find your senses, laughter, what it means to gather, stillness, or even just your favorite shade of blue.


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