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compassion and love (a self-portrait)

liz lamoreux


as the light faded wednesday evening, i took a few self-portraits...playing with different angles and looks into the camera. i was having a lot of fun. but then, when i looked through them on the camera, i was so distracted by my arms and my tired eyes and...how the list goes on. so finally, i put my camera straight in front of me, closed my eyes, and focused on filling my whole body with love and compassion. i took several breaths just imagining this compassion and love moving throughout my body. then, while the timer beeped, i looked into the camera imagining i was looking at someone with only love (imagining the look my heart needed in that moment). 

later, looking through the photos, my thoughts were softer. i saw beauty and a woman taking the time to just be in her life. i saw truth and realness and some wild, maybe even gorgeous, hair. and then i came to this photo and saw a woman choosing to love herself.

interesting how all the other stuff melts away when you let love fill the cracks.

(whispering now): i dare you to try it. 

sending blessings across the miles,


PS would love to see the photo you take.