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come along to hand to heart

liz lamoreux


Beautiful Soul,
This is your invitation to say:
Yes to seeing the beauty in the simple moments
Yes to kindreds circling
Yes to showing up as you
Yes to magic found in the stillness
Yes to dance parties + poetry + mugs of tea
Yes to feeling the joy and the grief
Yes to opening up to love again and again...
Yes to all of it


Hand to Heart is a soft space for you to land daily as you listen to the wisdom within you and practice what you know. When you join, you become a member of an ongoing community of kindred women who will be exploring a new soul care practice and theme each month. These practices will light the way as we find the YES in our beautiful, messy lives. 

Some of the themes and practices we'll explore over the next few months include:

  • Creating space within through accessible being-present practices that will help you find your breath, sink into your body, and quiet your mind. 
  • Creating sacred space within our homes through gathering the treasures, inspirations, and words that speak to where we are on our journeys. We will look at ways to create small altar spaces to honor who we are, where we have been, and where we want to walk next on our paths.
  • Creating space for ourselves throughout our days by seeking the beauty in the everyday, connection with kindreds, journaling through photography and writing and even putting color to the page, poeming it out, getting out into the world for short creative adventures, and using our cameras to capture who we are through self-portraiture.

We’ll begin with diving deeper into a few of the practices found in my “Yes, This” program, exploring them for a month at a time instead of just a day. In March, we'll pause to find the stillness each day as we take five deep breaths (including capturing that stillness through our cameras) and look at how this practice can ground us and give us the space to reboot in the middle of our day.

Your monthly membership includes:

Practice Notes: A PDF at the beginning of the month with guidance and inspiration about that month’s practice. This might include stories, an audio meditation, printables, worksheets, and so on. There will also be 1-3 additional emails per month with encouragement and love from me to you right in your inbox.

Monthly Spreecasts: In monthly video chats on Spreecast, I’ll share stories and thoughts around the month’s practice and other ideas we’ve been focusing on in our Facebook group. You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions and connect with others using the chat feature. You’ll also be able to submit questions ahead of time and watch the Spreecast later if you aren’t able to join in live.

Monthly story releasing ceremony: Once a month, I’ll send out a love letter via email with an invitation to reply with a story or words that you need someone to hold space for. I’ll gather up the stories sent and through a small ceremony release the stories into the Pacific Northwest woods.

A private Facebook group that will include:

  • Connection with like-minded souls seeking the Yes in their days.
  • A “thought of the day” from me each weekday morning (which will be posted when I'm drinking my morning coffee here in the Pacific Northwest on PST). These will be invitations, reminders, inspiration, and quotes that will set the tone for the day and invite us to be present in our corners of the world. 
  • Discussions about how we integrate these practices into our day-to-day lives and stories about the ways I do this in my corner of the world. 
  • Safe space to check-in and honestly answer the question, "How are you in your corner of the world?"
  • Weekly Poem It Out Thursdays: A day devoted to poetry each week where I’ll share a poem for you to explore + ask you to share your own favorites. Once a month there will also be a poetry/writing prompt inviting you to put pen to paper.
  • Moderation Monday-Friday each week
  • And so much joy and magic that will come from the synergy of all of us gathered together!

Other good things: You will be the first to know about my future offers, there will be shop discounts just for you, and so many other beautiful goodies that will reveal themselves as Hand to Heart grows and teaches all of us.



By becoming a member of Hand to Heart, you will receive ongoing connection from me as your guide and from a circle of like-minded souls. I truly believe that this is the group you've been waiting for. 

Membership: Introductory price of $39 a month

Learn more, read the FAQ, and become a member right here