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believe in your own magic {a guest post}

liz lamoreux

Today, I'm kicking off a new series of guest posts that I'm calling "A Circle of Kindreds." These will be stories from a few people I consider my kindreds who are shining a light on the true stories and sharing adventures from their own creative self-care practices.

The first post is from the amazing, thoughtful, and luminous Alana Sheeren.



Is there magic inside of me mama?

Yes sweetheart.

When will it come out?

It already does.

This conversation took place in the car with my five-year-old daughter. Though I guessed she meant the abracadabra kind, I answered truthfully from my point of view. She is magical. We all are.  Our bodies are magical. Our hearts, minds, and spirits. 

Pure magic.   

Most of us have forgotten though. 

What would your life look like if you felt magical? What would the world look like if we all knew ourselves to be walking miracles, powerful creator beings in human form? 

I’m not talking about positive thinking, Law of Attraction abiding citizens. I’m talking divinely inspired beings of love and light, living beautifully and imperfectly on purpose. By which I mean that we all hold the seeds of greatness inside of us – whether that shows up by you being a loving partner and parent, a compassionate human being at work and dedicated volunteer on weekends, or as someone who is a force for good on the world stage. It doesn’t matter. There are no visions too big or too small. 

I am magic. So are you.

It’s hard to remember when we’re caught up in the daily to-do-ness of life. This is a problem. At least it is for me. When I stop long enough to witness the magic around me, to see my stillborn son in the twinkle of a star, my husband’s love in the clean dishes drying beside the sink and (my version of) God in the perfect feather at my feet, I breathe more deeply. I stop trying to control everything and stand squarely in my trust that life is good even when it feels bumpy. 

And if I am magic, then I am worth loving, and listening to, and knowing well, whether anyone else believes that or not. 

When I think of myself (and everyone else) as a miracle, I no longer need to compare my accomplishments with yours, or hers (that happy, successful woman over there who looks like she walked out of a magazine with her 3 kids). I can believe that my value is intrinsic and isn’t diminished by anyone else shining brightly. 

I invite you to join me in this practice of remembering. When the road ahead seems dark and life is full of challenges, when you’re not feeling as happy and shiny as your Facebook friends, when you’re wondering how long it will be before you lose the weight/fall in love/make six figures, try these words on and see what happens:

I am magic. I am a miracle. I am love.

It might make you weep. It could make you rage. But if you open to the possibility that it just might be true, it could also change your life.

Deep breath. Say it with me.

I am magic. I am a miracle. I am love. 

(If those words don’t work for you, find some that do. Because having a mantra that connects you to your inner brilliance is…well…magic.)


Alana Sheeren writes and teaches about grief, transformation, love and luminosity. Through her e-course, Shine she encourages everyone to listen to their inner wisdom, claim their truth and shine their unique light into the world. She loves deep conversations, joyful connections, spending time by the ocean and everyday magic. 

You can find out more about her at her website, and sign up for the next round of Shine here

A PS from Liz: I was lucky enough to take part in Shine this spring. Alana's real-life stories + beautiful, accessible practices were a powerful combination that helped me create space to really notice what I needed, how I was moving through my day, and invited me to give myself the gift of slowing down to just listen to my heart. As a teacher, I don't always remember to give myself this gift I so often try to teach. Alana helped me to feel safe as a student so I could.