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ask the questions

liz lamoreux


If I was writing the introduction to Inner Excavation today, I would include the quote above because this idea of asking the questions and then answering them through self-expression and play and words and photos and journaling and color and connection - that is what my book is all about.

When I think about the timing of things - when the book came out, where the online world and social media were five and a half years ago, where we were in our relationship to self-portraits (that we now call selfies!), where I was in my own understanding of how to launch a book and run a business - combined with Ellie's birth and her surgery - I sometimes want to go back into that path behind me and just pluck my book right from the timeline and then come here and say:

Dear beautiful soul,

I wrote a book just for you. It's about cultivating a relationship with the one person who knows you best of all: you. It's about practicing self-care through writing and taking photos and sometimes getting messy with paper and color and paint and glue. It's about holding out your camera and looking at yourself in the eyes and saying, "Yes, I see you." It's about creating a foundation to help you build a bridge between daily life and the longings inside you.

This book contains so many practices that you can turn to again and again throughout your life so that you are always deepening your relationship with yourself (and in turn your relationship with others and all that is greater than you).

I hope you'll check it out and give yourself that gift of exploring and opening up to the stories inside you.


Today, I can't go back in time.

But I can stand behind these words and invite you to still come along. I have a stack of books here in my studio just waiting to get into your hands. I have a free ecourse (and a free private Facebook group) that begins June 27th. And I'd love to walk beside you.

Let's ask the questions and get messy and have fun exploring our answers.


Because you aren't alone over there as you find your way and long to tell your stories.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sign up for the Inner Excavate-along right here. And you can get Inner Excavation right here in my shop.