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a poem note necklace

liz lamoreux

a new necklace in the shop

I love the idea of carrying a poem in your pocket. Don't you smile just thinking about it? Even saying it causes my lips to turn upward. A poem in your pocket. There is even a day all about that very thing that occurs in April each year (this year it was the 14th). I have carried a few poems with me at different times in the last few years. Poems become like friends i think. Lights along our paths. Mirrors. Nods of "me too." 

I have been using the phrase "poem notes" for a few years now. They appear in blog posts now and then and are part of my personal writing practice. In my interview at "la salonniere earlier this year, i shared the following: "I came up with the phrase 'poem notes' to give myself permission to just write. A poem note might be writing that looks like a poem or it might be the beginnings of a poem or perhaps it is simply a few words linked together that one doesn’t quite yet recognize as a poem." I share more about poem notes and prompts to begin the practice of writing them in Inner Excavation.

So when I discovered these little envelopes, I knew what had to go inside them. Of course. A poem note. 

Using my vintage typewrite and vintage ledger paper, I typed a few of my favorite lines from a few of my poem notes and tucked them inside these little brass envelopes to create a few "poem note" necklaces. A few of the phrases that have been used include:

i am pirouetting in midair
i am stillness within the light
i am the harbor of spirit
i am the tucked inside your pocket talisman
i am the ease of laughter through an open window

These little poem note necklaces are now in the shop. When you order one, I will choose a poem note to tuck inside your necklace. You can of course also tuck your own poem or love note inside the envelope when it arrives.