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a big dose of self-compassion

liz lamoreux

I've been looking for a necklace to honor the self-compassion and self-love we need to support us in the beauty and the grit we experience each day. Something that I could wear that would actually feel like a huge dose of love. Something I could hold onto in those moments when I take my five deep breaths. Something large enough that I'd be basically saying to myself, "I'm not kidding. I'm inviting in love and deep, wide self-compassion today."

And I found exactly what I wanted in these large rose quartz gemstones.

They symbolize the hug you need in the middle of your day, the compassion you can extend to yourself just by noticing what you need, the wisdom that rests around your heart that is just waiting for you.

My hope is that as you wear your rose quartz necklace, you will feel loved and remember that you're not alone.

Each of these stones is very unique. They're sitting in a bowl on my studio altar right now soaking up some love. It makes me so happy to think about the people who will order them. I will hold their name in my mind as I choose one just for them. 

I love this job.