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7 Small Self-Care Moves that Can Have a Big Impact

liz lamoreux

phone in hands

2017 has been quite a year so far, hasn't it? I keep saying the phrase "holy holy holy" as I stand in The And Space daily and keep finding my way. I have quite a few self-care moves I turn to that help me stay grounded, and making a list of my favorites is something I always love doing. Just writing them down reminds me to keep doing them and becomes its own act of self-care.

In case you need some reminders about easy self-care moves to make, here are seven ideas to help you take a few moments to practice some self-care in your corner of the world.

1. Pause the Devices for a Bit

Give yourself a break from your phone, computer, television, and tablet. Stop looking at screens for just a little while, so you can be present to the world around you. Notice when you're scrolling because you feel like you have nothing else to do. From waiting in line to sitting at the dinner table, put your phone down and look up. So much information is coming at you in any given moment, and your body, mind, and heart need a break.

2. Move

From a quick dance party to some yoga or simple stretches, move your body to get in some self-care and support. According to Psychology Today, movement helps not only increase brain function but also helps treat anxiety and depression.

Take a moment and think about the ways you most love to move your body, and create some space in your schedule to make it happen. Because I work from home and can spend hours at my computer, I sometimes set an alarm on my phone that reminds me to move. When it goes off, I ask Alexa to play some Paul Simon and I get up and groove.

3. Get Outside

Getting outside helps you create space to stop the swirling thoughts inside you as you notice the world around you. Whether you're at work or at home, pause and take five minutes or so to just get outside. You might want to sit on a bench, stand and just breathe, or take a short walk. Whatever you do, set an intention to really notice the world around you, so you can get the benefit of your time away from your to-do list

4. Rest

Notice when your body and mind are tired. Let yourself rest. Even schedule it if you have to. This might mean just pausing to do nothing for five minutes in the middle of the day or blocking out an afternoon on the weekend to just be. You could even decide to go to bed just 15 minutes earlier to get more sleep.

5. Stay Hydrated

There's a reason doctors recommend staying hydrated throughout the day. As the Mayo Clinic explains, "Every system in your body depends on water" and even slight dehydration can make you tired and affect your energy level. They suggest about 13 cups of liquid for men and 9 cups for women daily, and they stress that all beverages count. 

6. Stop All that Bedtime Scrolling

How often are you scrolling on your phone or tablet before bed? In the middle of the night? First thing before you even get out of bed? Take a few days off from this habit and notice how you feel. All that information will still be there after you get some rest or let yourself wake up before checking in with the whole world. You might want to get a buddy to help hold you accountable for this one. From your partner to your best friend, ask for some support as this is a hard habit to break.

7. Read Some Fiction

You may have seen studies popping up exploring the idea that reading fiction is good for you. According to Science Magazine, reading fiction can increase our ability to understand emotional cues, which can help facilitate our connections with other people. Also, reading fiction gives you a break from the day-to-day stuff, which is a very good thing. I've been part of the Book of the Month Club this year, and I love it! 

photo by Focus in Photography