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five (really) good things {the connection edition}

liz lamoreux


vanilla latte . la panier, seattle. september 2009

saying yes when a friend says, "can we meet at that french bakery by the market again?" and then saying yes to a chocolate croissant + coffee for lunch and then finding your way to staying in the same spot because the conversation is so good that you find yourself saying yes to another croissant and staying longer still. (thank you.)

talking it out with the people who get you. whatever "it" might be on any given day...finding your way to a deeper understanding of them, of you, of your friendship, of where each of you are in this world. of finding your way through truth and love. yes. i am blessed.

making a date to listen to prairie home companion. even though jon and i each have piles of things to do today, this is something we can do while working and staying connected in the same space, listening and enjoying together.

listening to the sewing machine whirl as i create something just for me. hearing the whispers of the women who came before me who brought me to this place, to this moment on my path. nodding as i remember the gifts. yes. knowing something good this way comes.

correspondere: the new collaboration between my dear friend jen goff and me. so often on the phone we have lamented that we wish we lived closer to one another. we thought that a collaborative project might be another way to stay connected, and through the conversation, the idea of collaborative blog came up. and we wound our way to the idea of writing letters...and we are inviting you to come along... and you?

what are five really good things in your world?
i dare you to name them.
(right now.)