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five (really) good things . on this day

liz lamoreux



1. a waffle + french fries for lunch.

2. spending the afternoon painting with kelly rae. i. love. painting. thank you my friend for reminding me of how much i do love to play in this medium.

3. because the mountain is playing their music library a-z i was able to sing my heart out to jack and diane today. that made this indiana girl all kinds of happy. (not to mention that today is the first day in weeks that my singing voice has been more song and less warble.)

4. watching the shades of blue sky change while driving home this evening. the horizon dotted with thousands of stretching upward evergreens as light blue changed to indigo changed to midnight and all the shades in between. i love living here.

5. feeling the rhythm of millie's breathing as she sleeps against me here on the couch. she is such a dear companion.


and you...

what are your five really good things?
name them.
i dare you.