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senses. unearth.

liz lamoreux





i hear...

your beautiful, full, i love life laughter
the waves crash in the background as we sit in the quiet and breathe
you say, "i am?" when someone tells you that yes, you are brave
you whisper your truth
you teach what you know to be true with gentle firmness

i smell...

the sea
the tea lights as they hold the space for each of us
squash soup, autumn, cider
the moment when the rain stopped
rose petals as they dance together

i feel...

the space around my heart with each breath
the sand, firm beneath my feet
your hand upon my head just to check
paint beneath my fingers as the giggle winds its way around my throat
the paper beneath my hand as i write pieces of my truth

i taste...

mug after mug of tea
the salt winding its way from the sea
oreos + milk
oranges, freshly sliced

i see...

your beautiful face smiling through tears
you hold one another
you, yes you, paint (yes. you. did.)
you listen as truth and light is shared between you
you heal (and let go a little bit more)

i know...

you are open
you are brave
you showed up even though you were afraid
you are finding your way
you are beauty, truth, love