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a wish for today.

liz lamoreux

breakfast at cira's

breakfast at cira's, south bend, indiana, 7.26.08

today, i wish that we could meet for breakfast. i could soak in all your wisdom and laughter and creative energy. i would learn more about me just by spending time with you over pancakes and summer berries and poached eggs and the best cup of coffee you have had a while. i would learn about you and your dreams and fears and hopes and beliefs and where you are on your journey.

today, i wish that we could meet for breakfast. you could share stories...pieces of the stories that make up your life and i could nod and just listen. i could just listen and honor the space that sits between us as you share you with me.

today, i wish that we could meet for breakfast. i could share the thoughts that have been crawling across my mind. i could put words to the feelings and trust that you would listen before judging. and you could trust that i would do the same.

today, i wish we could meet for breakfast. we would laugh and listen and eat and share and laugh some more. we would enjoy pancakes and bright red raspberries and blueberries and coffee and cool, fresh cream. we would share our stories.

and we would hold the space between us.

(thank you all for listening. for honoring my words by sharing your words. for holding that space a bit. thank you for inviting me to laugh out loud, to look at myself, to laugh at myself, to take a step back, to honor my honesty, to honor myself. simply put: you rock. peace and blessings to you all this sunday.)