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thank you (checking in)

liz lamoreux

thanks for checking in with me with your comments, emails, and by phone...sorry my posts seemed so cryptic. not really my intention but i just felt a need for connection i guess. to take a break from the fabric and the pink and the pretty and just share bits of what is happening in my life...bits of what is also real and true and me.

my grandfather is in the hospital, across the country, and things were a bit confusing and, well, scary for awhile. things seem better now. it is still a bit confusing but not quite as scary.

it brings up a lot for me. being so far away. missing him. missing my grandmother. missing their home where i always felt safe and really alive. missing those parts of my childhood. and the fear that sits there whenever we know someone might die sooner than we thought. the stuff that makes up parts of what is real and true and life.

deep breath.

i am taking my own advice for a change and trying to just stay in this moment. this moment right now. to be here...

jon and i have had quite the adventure over the last couple of days as we thought we might have to postpone a trip to see his parents and spend time with his gram and instead go to see my grandpa. we made the decision to still head to see his parents, but then we missed our flight...because we were late. our own fault. really my fault.

oh the drums of negativity that can keep tempo in your head when something like that happens.

deep breath.

(thanks to the kindness of a woman at the delta counter) we are here, a day late, safe and sound and surrounded by love.

deep breath.

i hope to share some "postcards from colorado" as i take in the beauty of the scenery and family...

thanks for being out there reading my words and sitting beside me.

many blessings,