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backyard moments.

liz lamoreux


yesterday was another "one of those days." one of those "this is what happens when people get older and you live far away from your family and you don't have control of anything and you just have to wait for information and pray and try not to panic and wait some more and make the best decisions you can" kind of days.

do you hear what i hear

after some phone calls and some tears, jonny and millie got me out of the house.

one pose in 100 photos

just out into the backyard to sit in the glider and listen to the birds and breathe.

i can be very sweet

i captured some of the many faces of our miss millie as we sat together as our little family...

stop it already

(thank you for your kind comments...they mean so very much to me. as i sit here in the morning quiet punctuated by the insistent but happy chirping bird outside the window, i know that i am so blessed.)