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seven things just because

liz lamoreux


1. blossoming pink, 2. holding on
photo collaboration (two girls, two clicks) with
miss geek inc, week 3

1. if you are in the puget sound area, want to join me to hear and see jonatha brooke sing this weekend? the show is saturday night. (here's the info.) it is going to be great. jonny and i will be there and would love to see you. if you haven't seen jonatha in concert yet (or you haven't done something just for you lately), give yourself this gift.

2. today i have finally admitted this to myself: i am simply exhausted. i went to portland last weekend to art and soul and was too tired and busy with my two jobs to take my two classes. crazy. however, it was such a gift to spend time with friends...but not getting enough sleep has me feeling behind and overwhelmed and a bit under the weather.

3. yep. i have two jobs. i have realized that a lot of peeps who read my blog don't know this. i am actually a full-time editor who works from home. i don't talk about it much on my blog because...well, i don't really believe in blogging about my editing work. (i also don't talk about it much because when i have mentioned it in the past, i usually get several emails from people asking me to help them get a job where they can work from home. my story is an unusual one and i probably can't help you. i am sorry about that. i don't mean to seem crappy about it, but it just is what it is.) my other job is making things in the little room.

perfect red

produce section, whole foods (portland, OR), 10.4.08

4. trying to balance the day job with the blossoming business of the little room (and the business that is just living my life) has me teetering a bit. some exciting things have been happening, and i am so grateful...and i am in the midst of figuring out how to balance and how to say no and who to rely on for support and all that good stuff. and it is good stuff. but it is difficult at times. not complaining. nope. just wanting to explain why i might not seem as available to answer emails or pick up the phone. i am realizing i cannot be everything to everyone while also trying to be me...while also needing to be my own best support person.

5. lately i have learned that i yell at the television during political debates. i thought i just yelled during notre dame football and basketball games (just like my dad). nope. i have now hit a point in my life where i yell at politicians. good times. i kind of like the very funny idea of turning the next debate watching evening into a drinking game. which phrase? can't be "my friends" or i will be drunk as a skunk. i think jonny would want to play one where we drink when they don't lie...not mentioning who "they" might be, ahem, as this is not a political blog,* so i'll move on. (and no, we won't be drinking heavily during the next debate. but i do find the saturday night live skits so darn funny. love that tina fey.)

6. i bought the most wondrous fabric this weekend. can't wait to show you. i found the softest flannel that looks just like wool that i will be using on the back of scarves. i just want to drape myself in it. and i bought some huge purple pom pom trim. huge. pictures soon (if the sun ever comes out in this corner of the world).

these would make mille very happy

produce section, zupan's market (portland, OR), 10.4.08

7. did you venture out into the produce section and take some photos? i took a few more in portland. would love to hear about it if you did. (and stay tuned for a new "i dare you" post next week...)

*an aside to my fellow Americans: please VOTE. i am going to say this more than a few times in fine print over the next few weeks. VOTE. please. just .VOTE. (thanks)