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liz lamoreux

washington apples

washington apples, seattle, 9.27.08

saturday evening, jon and i were up in seattle having dinner with friends and afterward we did our usual "we are in fremont so we might as well go to PCC before we head home" ritual...

while there, i suddenly had an urge to take photos of snippets of the produce section.

when i stood up after bending over to capture as many colors of apples as possible, i caught the eye of a man who had been watching me with quite the bemused look on his face.

if someone created a comic strip of that moment, this man and me looking at one another, the caption above my head might have said, "you mean you don't take photos in the produce section?"

i found it so amusing to think about what he must be thinking. as i walked across the store to join jon and our friend christine, i imagined explaining the life of a blogger to this man...explaining how blogging has caused me to notice my life, my life experiences, in a richer way. how blogging for three years has invited me to document my life now...how i pay more attention.

and this made me think about you...
you out there reading these words...
you trying to do this same thing: pay more attention in your life.

and as i walked up to jon in the cheese section (because where else would he be?), i explained that my mind had connected all these dots from bending over apples to thinking about you out there who visit my corner of the world...how my mind had connected these dots to an idea of a series of posts...a series of "i dare you" kind of posts that i might toss out into the world every now and then...a series of posts where i see if you, you out there reading this, might want to join me in a few things...like taking photos in the produce section...

still rolling the idea around in my brain...

but today,
today i wonder if you just might want to grab your camera the next time you go to your favorite grocery store.
i wonder if you might want to capture something bright and cheery in the produce section.

just for fun.

just because you want to look at your world in a different way...because you want to pay attention in even the simplest moments.

just because you can.


i dare you.
you reading these words.
i dare you to take a photo in the produce section.

(then come back here and tell me all about it please)