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good morning monday (april 30)...and finally, a preview of my prayer flags

liz lamoreux


See the list of ten books of poetry I enjoy (along with the lists of a few other participants) in Dana’s column at Poetry Thursday (there are more...but these are ten books I would suggest anyone new to poetry pick up). Those ten books are what I will be reading for the next few weeks. I am going to try to read at least one poem a day in May.

Pride and Prejudice (I love it! But must admit that I am glad I have seen the movie(s) multiple times as I might be a bit lost in the language sometimes.)


Planet Earth (If you haven’t already, please go to the website and check. it. out.)

The Illusionist (good, good movie)


To David Whyte read poetry. (Yesterday evening I put a quilt down on the floor in the living room and layed down, headphones on, and listened to poetry from his CD. Soon Millie cuddled up next to me. Heaven.)

To the Dixie Chicks sing “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” over and over again.

To Ben Taylor


Right now…a Wendy’s frosty for breakfast. I am not proud of it…but it is warm in our house this morning and I am hot and it seemed like the way to go (we had one in the freezer).

Sushi. Just can’t seem to get enough of that salmon protein. Always crave it after emotional stuff happens.


Izze’s sparkling apple juice. This is my current favorite thing to drink and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Going to see Miss Potter (especially after reading Meg’s review). I think I might take myself on a date and see this movie this week.


Last night I used Proactive for the first time (you know that anti-acne system you see on those infomercials? I bought it in one of those fancy vending machines in the Minneapolis airport last week). And then last night, I dreamed I used it on my face and my skin started peeling and suddenly I peeled off an entire layer of skin from my body. I literally stood in front of my mirror and shed a body’s worth of skin. What a metaphor. When I remembered the dream this morning, I looked up from my work and thought, “well crap, I do actually feel lighter today.”

A different kind of dream…one where I take a three-minute break from work and daydream about what I could create from Anna Maria Horner’s new line of fabric called Chocolate (see some of it here).


Going to my teacher’s studio for yoga yesterday. (A deep breath and reminder of how important it is to take care of me. I plan to go again Wednesday.)

Exploring the Fremont Sunday Market. (When you visit, we will have to go there. If you live near me and I don’t know you yet, let’s meet there. And if I do know you, ahem…Kim, let’s meet there soon.) The sun was shining and I just had so much fun as Jon and I went from booth to booth. People make the most amazing things.


Sets of prayer flags. Here is a little preview. (I really am gonna get that Etsy shop open soon.)

The first set is from the “begin” series. Each flag features a reminder to prompt you to keep doing what you do as you live in your life.

begin series: pink

begin series: pink (first four flags up close)

begin series: pink (last three flags up close)

The second set of prayer flags is from the senses series. Each flag is in honor of a sense (including the sixth sense of “know”). A meditation written for this series (by me) is read across the set, with each flag having one line that pertains to that sense.

senses series: meditation

senses series: meditation (two flags up close)

feeling thankful

To those of you who nominated me for a thinking blogger award. Each time, your words came when I most needed them. Thank you. Could I nominate five? I don’t know as there are so many I enjoy, but I will suggest that you visit the first five bloggers I started reading two years ago who invited me to think a bit differently, validated who I am, and changed my life forever: