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liz lamoreux

i am home. i will write about my experience soon. i have permission from the one i needed permission from to write about it (which means i won't have to keep writing around it.) and with that, the bottled up stuff from the last few months, years perhaps (a lifetime indeed)...some of it will appear here. i want to share this layer of my experience.
the last three days were full of some of the most emotional hard work i have done. ever. and today, home, still in my pajamas with a snoring dog at my feet...exhausted physically and emotionally, i have this to say:

i am proud of myself.

i tapped in to courage and bravery and boundaries. it is beginning.

i know many of you who come here probably know the poem "the journey" by david whyte...perhaps i have shared the link before. i turned to david whyte this morning...and plan to spend some time knee deep in his newest collection of poems over the next few days...but this morning, the words "wedge of freedom in your own heart" resonate so deeply inside me that i want to invite you to read it today too. just in case you need to.

oh and another poem (one that is actually in progress) that made me so happy this morning? the one happening in the comments of wednesday's post over at poetry thursday. go check it out! and then click over to today's post to read what other poetry thursday participants shared today.

(P.S. thank you all for your kind words and suggestions for what to do with my sinus infection. you helped me. i survived flying and three days of lots of crying. i am feeling better. still a bit under the weather but my level of exhaustion is probably more to blame. my head only kind of hurts from sinus pressure now. thanks for being out there in the world and taking the time to stop by to have tea with me.)