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quite the day...and another poem

liz lamoreux

I have so much I want to say about ArtFest...I am getting to it, I promise...

Today has been a day full of work and catching up but also a really scary moment. This morning, Jon and I took Kelly to the airport (we really had the most wonderful time together, Kelly and me; I can't wait to put all my thoughts and emotions into words soon). Driving home from the airport, we were quite startled by the sudden shattering of the driver's side window. We were on the highway traveling somewhere between 60 and 70 miles per hour when this bang of shattered glass fell on Jon. He was cool as can be though and just kept driving, not swerving even a bit. After we determined he was not hurt (and confirming that neither one of us had been shot because that was truly the first thing both of us thought), we went home to clean the glass off Jon and get the other car and then were off to Speedy Glass for repairs. It took me about two hours to breathe normally though.

So editing some education courses today was a welcome distraction from that crazy morning. And, as I said in a comment to my new dear friend Judy, though my head was filled wtih business math and criminology today, my heart is full of joy that is ArtFest.

Another poem inspired by Susan's poemcrazy class and Poetry Thursday's daily prompts in April (today's was spiral):

I am arching toward blue
I am atop the weeping willow
I am the ease of laughter through an open window
I am the space between the sun and the sound
I am inside the spiraled pink petals
I am beneath the dusting of dew
I am the balance of grief and spring
I am the crystallized truth
I am hidden
I am light
I am breath
I am burning