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the gifts

liz lamoreux

i believe that creating heals
paint across canvas
fabric stitched together
charcoal to paper
words to a screen
all of it
with each moment spent creating, brainstorming, writing, the heart fills with beauty, joy, truth...and as it fills, the heart cracks heal a bit.

this is the unexpected gift spring now gives me. tonight, as i think about the anniversary of my grandmother's death next week, i am once again grateful for the gift that a community of like-minded, open-minded, incredible, hilarious, gorgeous people gave me at artfest. this gift that is healing. and as i spent time in that community of people and pushed myself to connect, i found myself remembering my way back to the beauty of healing. remembering my way back to laughter. and, i also remembered my way back to words and the power of words and connection.

as i sit here sleepy-eyed in my little room tonight, i can hear the kind words of so many women. encouragement. affection. truth. teasing. honesty. i can hear the echo of their laughter inside my head.

i am grateful for the many gifts i received while in port townsend. from others, from myself, from the world around me.

thank you.