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ways to procrastinate*

liz lamoreux

*or how I am finding ways not to spend time in the little room this week or how I am finding ways not to keep cleaning and organizing this darn house

Play minesweeper

Work for another two hours even though you are done working for the day (but, when you are, afterall, always in your office that is your home, you can just keep working and working)

Watch an episode of Charmed

Check bloglines

Organize email

Watch a bad movie on HBO

Look for new blogs to read

Watch CNN

Check bloglines

Talk on the phone (specifically talk on the phone to Kelly. a lot.)

Go see Harry Potter for the third time in the theatre

Play Shape Shifter

Brainstorm the next six projects you want to make instead of starting the current three you need to finish

Do laundry

Work another hour

Watch a DVR'd episode of Oprah and develop a crush on Benicio Del Toro (he watches the Discovery Channel ladies…I want to be his friend)

Get a haircut (and totally regret it)

Browse a few favorite etsy shops

Check email

Take a long hot shower and think about your to-do list

Write a blog post

Take a long hot shower and think about what you can add to this list

Laugh until you cry watching D.L. Hughley's comedy special on HBO

Look for odd things on ebay (like this and this)

Think about all the things you are going to make with the supplies down the hall in your studio

Plan vacations you might never take

Plan a vacation you know you will take

Go to Portland for the weekend to crash the Art & Soul extravaganza to spend time with some pretty incredible artists and friends**

**so if you are in the area, come to Vendor Night tomorrow and find Kelly and her assistant who is me at her booth!