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lately late

liz lamoreux

I have been a few days late for a lot of things lately. A few days late watching the Notre Dame football game (finally watched the Irish win today). A couple of days late wishing a friend a happy birthday (and going on over a month late wishing the same to two other dear friends). A few days late sharing the joy that was my weekend in Portland as I crashed the party that is Art & Soul …

I am still getting over the bug I had a few weeks ago as it seems to be hanging out in my system and rearing its head every few days. That, combined with hardly sleeping Friday or Saturday night has turned this week into one where I seem to work and nap and sew and nap and add more items to my ways to procrastinate list and then take long hot showers.

But, on to the goodness that was my 36 hours in Portland.

(I wanted to tell you details, all the little details, but as I tried to write those few paragraphs, I kept coming back to wanting to just tell you the following.)

I spent my 36 hours in Portland surrounded by goddesses with names like Kelly, Judy, Diane, Tonia, Stephanie, Nina, Misty, Jen, Joyce, Sharon, Carla, LK, Katie, and others.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland laughing my way to wholeness.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland learning from every person I talked with.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland with a brain crackling with ideas and dreams.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland so grateful for all that has happened to bring me to this moment.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland soaking in the wisdom.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland believing in possibility.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland thankful for every gift.
I spent my 36 hours in Portland high on the high that is knowing you are on your path.

And, I spent 10 minutes on the drive home from Portland taking a few pictures* that summed up how I was feeling as I sang and drove and reflected on all of it.

all that happens as i drive

(check out Kelly's post and Judy's post and Nina's post for a few more about some of the fun had by all)

*Don't worry, I really was paying attention while driving. I was. And if you look closely, you can see just a bit of my new Nina necklace. Oh how I love it!