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a couple of tags

liz lamoreux

Visiting Thea's blog tonight, I came across her tag (and was honest to say that yes, I stopped by and yes, here are my answers). Also, Denise tagged me to spill some beans...so here go both tags.

Five minutes to myself:
I would take a nice little nap with jon and millie. Oh wait....this was supposed to be by myself. hmm. I would make a smoothie with fresh fruit and drink it up with a pink straw.

Five bucks to spend right now: how would you spend it?
On a vanilla latte and a cinnamon roll at The Mandolin Cafe.

Five items in your house that you could part with right now that you hadn't thought of already?
Oh I am sure there is something in the kitchen, like some glassware or bowls or spatulas. But I must admit that I will keep them all.
Some knickknacks that I have simply outgrown.
A couple of winter coats.
Some books...yes, there are some books that I should pass on to another reader.
Hmmm...I think I am at five by now.

Five words you love:
wondrous, gently, scandalous, stinkbug, cantankerous

And for Denise:

10 things that spill some beans and tell you more about who I am:

1) i love pajama pants so much and secretly wish that i knew how to sew so that i could make myself pair upon pair of them.
2) tree pose is my favorite yoga pose, but chair pose is the one i know i need to work on the most.
3) the fact that people in china cannot google "democracy" makes me so damn mad i can hardly breathe with i think about it. i wish they could email me to google it for them.
4) the reason i don't like playing team sports is that when i was in 6th grade and played soccer, a girl on the other team told me to "get out of the way bitch." so i did. and never looked back.
5) a glass of cold water makes me very, very happy.
6) and a nice martini glass full of some kind of fruity martini has been known to make me even happier.
7) not one day in the last 374 has passed without me missing my grandmother. not one.
8) i am a pretty serious person by nature. sometimes this means that people misunderstand me and think that i am pissed when i am not anywhere near that feeling. i am just serious. and this seriousness has caused me to let go of the silly theme of self-portrait tuesday this month. please know though that my closest friends know my wicked sense of humor. and my husband says i am the funniest person he knows.
9) i have a birthmark on my left thigh that looks a bit like a number sign. this is how you know that i am not a clone.
10) my favorite beans come in the form of split pea soup. and the refried beans in my husband's tostadas are a close second.

and just for fun...one more little thing is that i have only 49 more days in my 20's. only 49. i can't wait until i get to wave these 20's good-bye!

If you feel moved to participate in either of these tags, please do!