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portland, oregon on a saturday night...

liz lamoreux

I am still happy as a clam after a wonderful weekend in Portland. Visiting my brother, Powells, meeting Laini, Jim, and Alexandra, seeing Kelly again and meeting her husband, going to the Saturday market (on Sunday), eating some good sushi, driving home in time for The West Wing...a perfect weekend.

Jon and I stopped by Alexandra's house on the way to have dinner with Laini, Jim, Kelly, and John. Her house is simply adorable and she is as amazing in person as you sense she is reading her blog. We could have sat in her living room and talked and talked for hours. And we almost did! but luckily Laini called when it was time for us to head over for dinner. Laini and Jim are the cutest (sorry guys, there is no other word), and Jon and I quickly felt like we had been friends with them for a long time. It was so fun to meet Kelly's husband John in person since I had heard so much about him during our long talks at ArtFest. John has a delightful sense of humor; all three guys had us cracking up quite a bit. There is nothing like wine, good food, great conversation, and laughter. Visit Kelly's blog for some pictures from the night. Alexandra joined us for dessert and the laughter continued. I cannot wait to invite myself for another visit soon (and I do mean soon!).

On Sunday, my brother took us to the Saturday Market (I really think they call it that on Sunday too), and I tried on some hats and channeled Denise and found one (pictures to come after I charge the battery for the digital camera). We bought some bath bombs at Lush and ate some fantastic sushi. Then we headed home and I worked on my laptop in the car and then brainstormed what I wanted to write for Sunday Scribblings (that post is to come yet today).

Oh and I wanted to share the books of poetry I bought at Powells:

Harvest Poems: 1910-1960, by Carl Sandburg
My Name is William Tell, poems by William Stafford
Poems and Sketches of E.B. White
Carslaw's Sequences, poems by Lisa M. Steinman (we heard her read at the poetry reading and several times Jon and I both laughted out loud)
Broken Knuckles Against Knives Cutting The Food To Feed Me Through This, poems by Brittany Baldwin (we heard her read as well, and twice I started to cry as she read her words with courage and conviction)

And one more note about Powells (it was that great people. I can't stop talking about it for a reason). They have the new and used books TOGETHER. This is also the case with their online store...so start exploring my friends. A wonderful way to afford to buy more books!