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a few days up in the city...

liz lamoreux

After Jon and I learned that there was no way we would be making it to Colorado for Christmas, we decided to head to Seattle for two nights at the Hotel Monaco. We did a little shopping, ate some good feed, played a new board game, enjoyed the jacuzzi tub, stocked up (I mean stole…I mean took the ones provided) travel size Aveda products, listened to the elevator from our “supposedly quiet room” all night long the first night (were too tired to notice the second), did some more shopping, ate the most amazing doughnuts for dessert (a whole post devoted just to them coming next week), read some poetry, read the paper, cuddled, watched Charlie Rose both nights (George Clooney and Clive Owen respectively), slept in, drank tea and lattes, walked up and down the steep hills of Seattle (okay one hill, twice, but it felt like several hills ten times), enjoyed the lights, listened to people caroling on the street as they waited for carriage rides (they were caroling just because), laughed, tried not to annoy each other too much, missed Millie, dreamed about living in the city some day (“when you write your book and get it published and we can have two houses”), wished we were in Colorado with Jon’s parents and the snow, were thankful many times that we were not stuck in an airport, walked hand in hand almost the entire time, found moments outside ourselves to remember...

The Hotel Monaco provides you with a goldfish in your room if you miss your pet…

While scared out of his mind and leery of all things moving, I got Sal, the goldfish, to pose for a photo shoot.

Sal strikes a pose

Sal looking forward

Sal a little annoyed

While drinking tea, I got Jonny to pose for a few shots too.

jonny drinking tea

a sly look

kind eyes