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sprout goodness

I am delighted to share that the incredible Amanda Fall, editor and creator of Sprout magazine, has interviewed me in her current issue. This issue is all about Serenity, which is something I think we really have to create space for instead of just closing our eyes and wishing it will appear. I loved answering Amanda's questions in this interview and really felt like we had a beautiful, important conversation that I hope you will join in and become part of. 

I have been a fan of Sprout for a while. It is a gorgeous online magazine that is simply, truly full of goodness. There is artwork + photography alongside wisdom and whispered truths from women who are on their own paths of seeking the beauty and trueness of being present in their lives. (I see why Amanda said this issue was the one for me!) And there are poems throughout the pages. Yes. Poetry. I read several of the poems in this issue aloud quietly while my family slept down the hall and the words were like the blessings and balm I most needed right now. (I. Love. Poetry.) 

Each page of this issue is simply a reminder to breathe deeply, listen, and trust. I am downloading it to my iPad as I think it will be perfect for those nights my mind is having trouble resting and I need these reminders from other women who know and get it. Yes.

Learn more about Sprout and Amanda's mission of Persistent Green over here.

Reader Comments (3)

thanks for sharing, liz, and what a neat opportunity for you. sounds like something i would enjoy when i can steal away nourishing bits of time for myself <3

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commentervaleri blossom

Oh . . . how do you always make me misty-eyed? Thank you for this lush tribute to Sprout and this issue in particular. Serenity doesn't always come easy--but it is always worth the work. I, too, feel wrapped in grace by these thoughtful and life-loving women. Sometimes I can hardly believe this is my job (but when a job meets your calling--well, that's where the magic and power are).

I can't thank you enough for sharing yourself in this issue, Liz. I'm out of words to say how grateful I am--but know this: you are a blessing.

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda Fall

Liz--I can't wait to read your interview in Sprout:Serenity . . . and I so heartily agree with all the things you said about Sprout, in general. I've read all 9 previous issues, so I know their content well, and yet I am still amazed, each time, to see what an incredible assortment of creative beings Amanda brings together, around a particular topic. One of my dearest wishes is for more and more and MORE people to discover Sprout, so that this resource can enrich their lives as much as it does mine.

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen Blake

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