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notes from the studio :: november

liz lamoreux


The new collection + care packages are here just in time for the holidays! 

First, we have some beautiful new necklaces in the Intentions Collection, here are just a few: The new So I Fly necklace with amethyst, the Seeking Stillness altar locket filled with amethyst and quartz mini gemstones, the Joy & Abundance citrine necklace, and the Clarity quartz point necklace.


New customizable options: The Secret Message lockets, the "mend" bracelet, and the My Soul Mantra necklace that invites you to choose the intention you most need and then further customize with two gemstones of your choice. 


New gemstone bundles and other goodies for your altar are available right here, including: rainbow fluorite pillars, For the Deep Exhalation gemstone bundle, the customized just for you Intention Gemstone Bundle offering, and these new fair-trade olivewood hearts.


And introducing the new Soul Mantra Care Packages!


First up, the My Soul Mantra package. It's this season's version of the This Is My Year package we offered for 2016. It invites you to choose an intention, a word, or a practice that you want to invite and put into action in your life that becomes your personal Soul Mantra. The package comes with gifts meant to help you keep your intention close to you each day, shown here with the optional necklace upgrade. Learn more about this offering here


The For the One Who Is Deeply Loved care package that becomes the perfect gift to send to a sweet soul who you adore. Read all about it here.


And finally, the Inhale Love. Exhale Peace. care package that honors one of my favorite simple but profound meditations that I wrote on a day when I needed to remember that we can make a difference in the world, that we are not alone as we find our way:

inhale compassion
exhale love
inhale love
exhale peace
inhale peace
exhale compassion

repeat. repeat. repeat.

This package is full of lovely gifts to help you (or a loved one) keep this intention of love, peace, and compassion within and around you close. It invites you to practice this meditation, and when it feels right, send that goodness into the world. 


Every year, I donate a portion of the profits from the Heart.Full Collection to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital here in Tacoma. This is the hospital that saved my daughter Eleanor's life when she was five weeks old (before she had open heart surgery a few months later).

This year, I'm making the giving back more official. I'll be splitting 5% of the total Soul Mantra profits from 2016 between two different organizations: Mary Bridge - specifically to their Treehouse Program, which gives families a place to stay and other resources when their children are hospitalized and Oasis - a local organization that gives LGBTQ youth a safe space to learn, connect, and thrive. 

Thank you for supporting my shop. I'm honored and deeply grateful to create these offerings (with the help of my amazing assistant Bonnie) and send them to you in the hope that they will be companions for you and your loved ones on your journeys.

With love and deep gratitude,



liz lamoreux

Sweet soul, remember to pause for what fills you up.

For me, this has meant connection, laughter, truth telling, cuddling on the couch, favorite clothes, and laying on the floor in child's pose (sometimes while listening to Christmas music). Life feels even more fractured when I don't take time for these simple moments that support me.

When we're centered, we can better know what next step to take. We can stand on more solid ground even as the world around us is vastly unpredictable.

My hope for you is that you have moments of ease and connection in your corner even as you make decisions about how you will move through uncertainty.


It's hard to know what to say right now, and I worry my words about self-care might seem trite. But I'm trusting you're finding your way and deciding what you know to be true and feeling your own edges as you take in how our world has changed in the last few days. That intensity is real and hard, and if I can't wrap you in a hug, I hope I can at least invite you to listen to what you most need and remind you to take care of you so that you can take care of others. 

Big, big love,

PS I wrote an article for eBay about ways to strengthen your everyday relationships. It's full of the ideas I'm trying to implement over here as I focus on daily connection as a way to be more open and aware of what is happening in my own community.

checking in

liz lamoreux

Hello sweet soul,

This is me checking in to say that since I posted my previous post, I've been thinking about what "not on my watch" really means to me. The intentions, actions, and prayers that stand tall, rest, and even roar inside those words. I've been thinking about what standing up really means. It feels important to peek in here and say that. 

I'll be sharing more, but didn't want another day to go by without letting you know.

Blessings and love,


not on my watch

liz lamoreux

So this is that moment when I come back to this space and start writing. And writing. And sharing the rawness and realness along with ideas and practices and community. I'm working on lists - lists of self-care and lists of organizations I want to donate to, support, and learn more about and lists of voices I want in my daily life so that I stay informed without being consumed and lists of ways I'm going to serve. This is the day when I starting coming to this place more often to make sense of things like I have again and again over the years.

But first, here's a snapshot of thoughts from this morning, the day after the day after we did the unthinkable as a country.



Seeking the everyday rhythm as deep self-care. This simple ritual of breakfast and talking while I make her lunch. The sound of her chatter and laughter and decision that "today is all about Kitty Power!" The smells of coffee and cream cheese and a bagel toasting. The negotiation of: "If I put this piece of Halloween candy in your lunch, you also have to eat all your chicken." Audible sigh. "Fine." Finding coloring books and colored pencils for Jon to take to school for the mindfulness class he's teaching today. Brainstorming that maybe he should have a coloring station for kids. (Imagine your high school physics classroom with a coloring station?) Bringing my hand to my heart every time I remember who our next president will be. Breathing in that space that still feels a bit hallow inside me. Finding her coat and shoes and zipping up her backpack and off they go.

Today, I'll be home alone. Might stay in pjs. Will try to stay hydrated because I'm feeling brittle and dry. I'm going to write today. And write. And listen to music. And let the swirling grief and anger and disbelief sit beside me here on the couch. This is The And Space. The place where I get to feel it all. The place where I decide what's next.


One thing I do know is that I will be using my privilege, my wisdom, my love to say:

If you're going to try to hurt people who are different from you -people in the LGBTQ community, people in Muslim, Jewish, and other religious communities, people of color, people who are disabled, people who are more vulnerable than you. If you're going to try to harm my daughter who believes that love is love is love. If you're going to try to hurt anyone at all, you're going to have to get through me. You're going to have to get through so many of us holding hands and saying: Not on my watch.


I'm seeking the simple, everyday rhythms and writing and working so I can keep paying the bills, while I let all my feelings sit on the couch beside me. I'm letting this be my practice today because I know there is so much work to be done. Take care of you over there. And if you need a place to land, there's room over here in The And Space. I've got cookies.

it's always okay.

liz lamoreux

After our Toys R Us adventure on Saturday (which one of us was super excited about and the other was more in the "why didn't I have another cup of coffee" camp), we were hungry, and she spotted Jamba Juice. I drove over and immediately remembered that it's in this corner of the mall with impossible parking. Right away, we were in a crazy parking lot traffic jam at a standstill.

And I started ranting a bit - half preparing her that we would be leaving and half complaining like an annoyed tired mama.

When we didn't start moving when the car two ahead of us finally pulled into a parking spot, I realized the car in front of us must be waiting too. Insert dramatic sigh here.

Then, suddenly two more cars pulled out and the car in front of me waved as she pulled into the closest spot and I was able to pull into the next one.

"I cannot believe this, but there's totally a spot for us."

"Mama, I told you it was all going to be okay. It's always okay."

Yes. Yes it is kid.


There are those moments when I'm really not my best self. When I yell. When I get super exasperated. When I say the worst thing. But then there are moments when she reminds me that I'm doing things right, too.

And we just keep finding our way.

(Remember to notice the moments when things are going right, honey.)

I'm sharing more and more stories like this one over on Instagram. It's my favorite social media hang out, and I'd love to connect with you over there.