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a summer dream


I'm having this dream of a meet-up here in Tacoma. We'd gather with quilts + watercolors + cheese + fruit + wine and paint and laugh and eat and connect and share favorite quotes and maybe even read a poem or two. 

It would be more like a potluck (and a bring your own paint + paper sort of thing) and not at all like a workshop. Just a meet-up.

I'm thinking about Saturday, June 14. Maybe Point Defiance Park. But I'm still figuring out those details.

Wanna come? (For real.)

And if there's enough interest, maybe we'll do it once a month this summer.

Because oh my goodness I could use some in-person connection. Yes.

(And if you were going to come in from out of town, maybe a group of us would go out to dinner too. Because, why not?)


the spring collection

open up and live with fluorite bracelet

The Spring Collection is inspired by the wishes I have for you (yes, you) in your corner of the world. Soul Mantra pendants, feathers, and lockets are paired with gemstones to invite in peace, calm, connection, and love. 

My studio assistant Bonnie and I went to a gem show earlier this month and had so much fun picking out these stones. When she spotted that gorgeous green Fluorite shown with the bracelet and feather above, she insisted we get two strands and now we're wishing we'd bought them out. It is so gorgeous in person. 

And the Love Wins necklace is my favorite from the collection. I'm wearing mine daily. A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those experiences where I started to wonder if one person really can make a difference in the world. Where I wondered why some of us have trouble choosing love even when it seems so obvious to others. Where I wondered if I could choose love in the face of some of what happens in the world around us. So I walked into my studio and hammered the words "love wins" into metal and paired these words with aquamarine to promote peace, courage, and communication.

The intention behind this necklace all comes down to this: Because I believe love wins with all my heart. Because I believe you should be able to love the person you love. Because I believe you should be able to marry the person you love. Because I want my daughter to feel safe becoming whomever she will become and loving whomever she will love. So I made this necklace. Because I believe love will win even when it looks like it might not.


Bonnie and me after walking around the gem show for hours...

Bonnie is helping me even more these days. It is such a gift to have her in the studio not only to package orders but to bounce ideas off of. She really helped me brainstorm this collection as we sat together at a big table in the middle of my studio and just dove in and had fun. It was a reminder that I'm at my happiest when creative energy is flowing and this collection reflects that.

You'll be seeing more of Bonnie around here as we start working on some of the ideas I keep mentioning to her when we're packaging orders. Good stuff is coming.

See all of the new Spring Collection right here.


pinned it. did it. {with doña}

Note from Liz: I'm so happy to share that Meg, who is a frequent "Pinned it. Did it." contributor here on my site, had her baby on Monday! Mama and baby girl are doing well! Meg will be taking a break from guest posting for a bit but will be back later this summer.

And I'm happy to share that my friend Doña is going to share a few columns with us over the next few weeks! First up is her gorgeous natural-dyed eggs DIY. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous! Read on for her column...


Last Easter we had cousins visiting from England. Did you know in England they don’t dye eggs like we do in the US? Instead they decorate them with markers and stickers. Last year I made sure we had an Easter egg dyeing day, so my young cousin could experience the American way of colored eggs. Unfortunately the experience was a little disappointing, at least for me. The dyes from the little tablets I dissolved in water and vinegar just weren’t very vibrant. Yet the mess they left on my counter was epic.

This year I wanted to try something different. I’ve always been intrigued by natural, vegetable based dyes and I’ve seen some really gorgeous colors on yarn and fabrics dyed this way. So when I came across a few images of vegetable-dyed Easter eggs, I knew that’s what I wanted to try. 

There’s something just so appealing to me in these natural hues. I picked one post that had good, clear instructions and collected all of my ingredients together. I wanted a range of colors, so I used red cabbage (for blue), skins from brown onions (for dark orange), turmeric (for yellow), beets (for red), and a combination of carrot tops and parsley (for green).

Full disclosure here - I didn’t involve my 3-year-old in this process at all. I wanted to do a “dry” run to make sure it worked and also to figure out how messy it was going to be (it was messy - my butcher block has a big red beet circle!). I started the whole process, including hard-boiling the eggs - after she went to bed one night this week. I also wanted to test out what I’ve discovered is the most important tip for dyeing eggs with vegetable dyes - let them sit in the color over night. 

The whole process went surprisingly fast, even though the color pots all needed to be simmered for 30 minutes. I just used all the saucepans and burners I had!

By morning I had this - success!

I used both brown and white eggs. I thought there would be more difference in the final colors, but the difference is actually pretty subtle. The only color that didn’t really work was the yellow/green from the carrot tops and parsley. The color is barely yellow green and very light. Though I really love the pattern the leaves left on the shell.

I am so impressed with the depth of the dye saturation with this method. It is really obvious here, where part of the egg was not completely covered by the dye water.

I’ll definitely be doing this method of egg dyeing again. I also saved the bowls of colored water and I’m going to try dying some natural-colored sock yarn in the remaining dye to see how the colors turn out. 

You can find all the pins I’ve collected for vegetable dyed eggs as well as other fun egg decorating methods on my Spring pinboard on Pinterest. Follow me on Instagram see the yarn dyeing results and to see what other fun Easter crafts we come up with! 

Doña Bumgarner is a writer, artist, mama and a craft project-collector from way back. She loves Pinterest and uses it to help solve a household dilemma at least once a week (see her “pinned and done” board). She lives in Santa Cruz with her partner, their little one and his almost grown one, and a collection of cats and chickens. She writes about the practice of moms holding space for their own well being in the midst of raising a family on her blog, Nurtured Mama.  

Note from Liz: Over here in my corner, I'm trying to "use Pinterest for good." I really see it as a community of people trying to see the beauty and possibility in their lives. I'm adding a few new features here on my blog inspired by or directly about Pinterest as a way to invite others to look for this beauty within a social media community. Connect with me on Pinterest here. Read other "Pinned it. Did it." columns here.


love this :: shop adorn

A few "love this" posts ago, I shared that Shop Adorn stocks quite a few Prairie Underground styles and sizes. They noticed my post and asked me if I'd like to try a pair of their "tummy tuck" leggings.

Yes, please.

My plan was to try them, and if I loved them, I would add them to one of my "everday outfit favorites" posts that I'm sharing every six weeks or so. And I do love them (more on that in a second). But when I was in Portland for about 24 hours this past weekend, I stopped into Shop Adorn to check them out in person. And they've just become my new favorite must stop by whenever I'm in town shop.

Today, I'm sharing a few favorite things from Shop Adorn; some are pictured above. And the awesome thing is that you don't have to go in person (but you should if you can), you can get all of these gorgeous things online.

1) This maxi dress was very soft and so beautiful in person. My size wasn't on the floor that day, but I want to share it in case it might be the perfect dress you need for summer. It comes in a shorter style too.

2) I'm glad I didn't actually see this tote while I was visiting the store because I would have tried to convince myself it needed to come home with me. Love it!

3) The Cami Slip did come home with me. I've already worn it every single day. For real. It is such a great layer underneath the dresses I wear with jeans. I smile every time I see it peeking out from my dress.  

4) These Nakamol earrings are gorgeous! And the colors make me happy. (Loved this necklace too.)

5. This Prairie Underground jacket is now on my wish list. I tried it on and the fit was awesome and felt very true to size. And it looks so much better on than this photo can convey. Would be a great addition and could be dressed up or down. This dress that is kind of like a coat was a fun look too and fit really well.

And the Tummy Tuck Capri Leggings by M. Rena! I have the cropped in gray. And I love them more than I expected to. And that "one size" thing? Well, I kind of didn't believe it. But I'm a believer. They are soft and they stretch big time. I wear them in my studio with my longer hoodie and love pairing them with my Texture skirts. They give me a smoother look, which I want some days. Other days I don't. So I wouldn't wear these in the cuddle up on the couch moments. I'm a fan! 

Please note: Shop Adorn did send me the leggings to try, but all opinions about them are my own. Shop Adorn is not sponsoring this post; however, links throughout are affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase anything through these links. Their customer service is awesome, which is the main reason I am sending you their way. Thinking we might need to do a meet-up there during WDS this summer. (Not kidding.)


everyday beauty


This month in Hand to Heart we're exploring the beauty of the everyday moments and we're using our cameras to collect the evidence we find.

This focus is shifting the way I'm using my phone each day. I'm using my timer and remembering the spots where there is more natural light in my home. I'm seeking evidence of beauty even in the messiest moments (like a little one sick with hives for most of Spring Break). I'm pausing to take a few deep breaths and then snapping a photo. And I'm soaking up color even more than usual.

I love how simple prompts can re-energize us and give our creativity just the starting place it needs to blossom. And getting back into the photos (like the one above with Ellie and me chatting in bed) is so important. No it isn't the best photo of me, but it is a photo full of love as I listen to her tell me stories while she plays with her stickers. 

The love is what I always want to remember.


Come over and connect with me on Instagram. It is my favorite favorite favorite place to be these days.

And if you want to join us in seeking beauty this month, you can join Hand to Heart at any time.