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Tell It: Color

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Tell It: Color is your invitation to create space for creative play as you explore the stories waiting in the colors around and inside you.

February is here, and in my corner of the world that means the skies are gray and the rain (and even snow) comes down almost daily. Sometimes that gray is even like a reflection of what it feels like inside me.

Maybe you know that feeling too. 

Maybe you're also dealing with some gray outside and even inside.

So let's do something together and adventure into the world of color!

Come along for 14 days of colorful prompts and inspiration to help you tell your stories. This is going to be a light, easygoing course to help you dive into your creativity and create some space for play and connection.

Here's how it works: You pick the medium - collage, art journaling, writing, photography, poeming, painting, cooking, even the clothes you wear, whatever you feel called to play with right now. I provide the creative prompts, the story prompts, encouragement, and inspiration. And then we’ll meet in a private Facebook group to share our stories and creations each day. 

I'll also share peeks inside my Tell It: Color journal + a few other colorful practices I use and how creative play + mindfulness help me each and every day. 

AND if you just want to join in without choosing a medium, there will be plenty of creative ideas in each day's email for you to use for your daily creative act. OR if you're really longing to play with some art supplies but don't know where to begin, pick up some watercolors and an inexpensive watercolor paper pad and come along!

Dates: Ongoing (you can join in at any time)

Cost: $22

Register here or read on for more details.

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collage goodies

Tell It Color Includes:

rainbow petals by liz lamoreux

Daily lessons: During our 14 days, a new lesson will appear in our classroom. There will be ideas about capturing color through your chosen medium and ideas about reflecting and writing the stories that rest in those colors. There will also be a daily creative prompt for you to add to your creative toolbox.

You will have access to the classroom for at least a year, which will give you lots of time to revisit favorite prompts and inspiration.

Facebook group: An optional private Facebook group that gives you a space to connect with like-minded souls as you share your Color stories.  

We’ll also connect on Instagram via a hashtag, which is a fun and easy way to share and meet others in the course. 

And remember: You choose the medium your want to play with during our 14-day adventure (or just come along and practice one of the creative ideas I'll be sharing each day).

Here are some ideas:

  • Play with paint or markers or crayons and a big journal of blank paper.

  • Play with collage using images cut from magazines and other sources.

  • Go on photo walks (or dip into your photo archives) using the color prompt as inspiration.

  • Gather different items from your home into a collection and photograph them.

  • Write a poem.

  • Cook and/or eat using the color prompts as a creative place to begin.

  • Gather your favorite scrapbooking supplies and tell your color stories through the supplies (and even photos) you already have.

  • Take a self-portrait that tells the color story you’re drawn to share inspired by the day’s prompt.

And here's another idea for you:

Let color itself be your creative medium! Each day, use the prompt to inspire you to do something creative with color. You might decide to:

  • Bake a cake and decorate it with the color(s) from the prompt.

  • Gather up a collection of items that are all one color and photograph them.

  • Paint with watercolor one day.

  • Make a meal that celebrates the color(s).

  • Gather up crayons in shades of a certain color and play in a coloring book before bed.

  • Choose your daily outfit based on the prompt.

  • Make a list of everything you can think of in that color.

  • Write down a memory that connects to that color.

  • Buy flowers and create different mandalas each day.

The most important piece is that you're creating space for creative play and self-care in your daily life. Yes. Yes. Yes!


Cost: $22

To register, just click the button above, which will take you the checkout page over on Teachery - the website that hosts my ecourse classrooms. You’ll receive access to our course website and the lessons will be available on the website.


Supplies Needed

You just need whatever supplies you want to play with and an internet connection. You'll also want a notebook and favorite pen so you can respond to the writing prompts you'll be given some of the days. 

Note: I'll be using collage (and a little art journaling) as one of my mediums and will be sharing some peeks into my own collage process throughout the class, but you should choose the medium calling to you during this season. This isn't a collage course (you can find my collage course here), so don't worry if you're drawn to play with other art supplies or write or even cook your way through the colors in this course. However, if you're drawn to work in the same medium you've seen me share on Instagram, gather up some simple supplies like magazines, a few glue sticks, watercolors, and a blank journal (here's a quick peek at my favorite collage supplies).

Additional Information

I’ve moved to an online classroom setting with my courses, and after you take the course, you’ll have access for as long as I host the courses and am teaching online. This means the course content will be available to you in the online classroom for at least a year (probably much longer but I want to be transparent about this piece so you can plan accordingly). You can print the content and save it in the ways that work for you if you’d like to be able to revisit the content over your lifetime.

After the course begins, no refunds will be available. 

If you have any questions about the course or how to register, just send me an email.