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Tell It: Collage

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Come along for 21 days of collaging, journaling, and connection to help you tell your story. 

  • Because playing with scissors and glue and images and words connects us to the creative joy inside us.
  • Because we live in a time where the overwhelm can feel tangible, and we need go-to practices to get us back into our hearts.
  • Because honoring and telling our stories helps us push through the stacked up stuff so we can fully show up in our lives.

Tell It: Collage is an ecourse that uses the mediums of collaging + journaling (plus a big dose of inspiration and connection) to help you tell the stories waiting inside you.

But it's even more than that.

It sets the foundation for creative self-care that you can do almost anywhere so that you feel supported and connected to your truth and inner wisdom as you move through the world.

And it connects you with a community of kindred spirits who are each finding their way to telling their stories every single day.


Here's how it works: You'll gather up a journal and magazines + glue + scissors + pens + whatever other supplies you feel called to play with right now. I'll provide prompts, stories, inspiration, and tips. And then we’ll meet in a private Facebook group and on Instagram to share our stories and creations each day. I'll also share peeks inside my journals and how this practice has helped me deepen my relationship with myself, others, and even give me direction with my dreams and business.

Dates: November 14 - December 4, 2017

Note that the week of November 20 includes some breathing space. More on that below.

Registration is currently closed. A new round of Tell It: Collage will be held in early 2018. Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know.

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Tell It: Collage Includes

Tell It Collage Liz Lamoreux

Course material delivered by email: Emails will include creative prompts and ideas plus stories from my creative adventures with my Tell It: Collage journal. There will also be self-care ideas, mindfulness practices, and other inspiration sprinkled in throughout the course.

Note: Weeks 1 and 3 will include daily emails. Week 2 (which falls over US Thanksgiving) will include fewer emails to create some breathing space for whatever you need: catching up or going deeper or taking a break.

Facebook group: We'll have an optional private Facebook group where we can share what we create, connect, and support one another.  

Live Group Call: We'll have one live group call. I'm researching the best platform and plan to have a video option so we can share our journals and connect face to face.

Instagram: We’ll also connect on Instagram via a hashtag, which is a fun and easy way to share and meet others in the course. 

Why Collage?

  • Because the act of flipping through magazines to gather images creates a rhythm that gets you out of your head and back into your body.
  • Because this is a creative self-care practice you can do with minimal supplies almost anywhere.
  • Because pasting image and words give you a place to begin to tell your story - no more staring at the blank white pages in your journal unsure of where to begin.

Supplies needed:

You'll need:

  • a journal with blank pages
  • magazines you can cut up
  • glue stick (or other favorite glue)
  • pens
  • scissors
  • (optional) any other art supplies and ephemera you love working with



Course tuition: $35

To register, just click the button below, which will take you to the shop on my site. You'll be able to add the course to your cart and tell me the email where you'd like to receive the course content. You'll receive a welcome email from me in mid-October, and then your Day 1 email will arrive on November 14. 

Registration is currently closed. A new round of Tell It: Collage will be held in early 2018. Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know.


Other Details and FAQ

More about our Breathing Space Week

I'm running this course as we move into the holidays because I believe this can become a go-to creative self-care practice during this hectic time of year. It can help you push through the shoulds and perfectionist moments and not-enoughs and excuses, so you can fully show up. 

That said, I realize it falls over Thanksgiving week in the US, so during the second week of our three-week course, there will be fewer prompts so you can work at the pace that fits with your schedule. 

How is this different or similar to Tell It?

Tell It: Collage is a new course in the Tell It series, and I'm so excited to share it with you! The intention behind these courses is to support you in creating self-care practices to help you tell your stories through different creative mediums. Tell It: Collage focuses on the medium of simple collage techniques and journaling.

So is this a technique course?

No. While I will share some tips and a look at how I use collage to tell my stories and journal, this is not a course about mixed-media collaging or other kinds of techniques. 

Do you need to know how to collage or have experience with journaling? What if you're not an artist?

All are welcome! This course is about helping you create space for you to get to know yourself better while connecting with your creative side and kindred spirits. And I bet you know what I'm going to say next: Everyone is an artist. And what I love about this course is how it connects us with our younger selves who loved simply creating for fun.