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you are not alone

liz lamoreux

You are not alone.

Trusting this truth is really the core of the work I'm trying to do in this world.

Because here is what I believe:

Although our experiences are different, we've all felt lonely, misunderstood, confused, deeply hurt, abandoned, lost, and maybe even broken.

But you are not broken. You might have places that feel broken and moments that feel lonely and experiences that have left you feeling deeply hurt. 

You might even feel really lost right now.

But you are not alone.

The person beside you on the subway, in line next to you at the grocery store, dropping your mail off at your home, the person you deeply admire, your boss, your best friend, your mom, the girl who teased you in middle school, the person coming through the front door at the end of the day, that person has felt all these things too.

But so often we don't talk about it.

It's okay to talk about it. It's okay to hold hands with fear and courage and reach out. It's okay to tell the true stories.

And it's okay to trust that you aren't alone. 

If it's hard, just try it right now for one, maybe two deep breaths. (Try on that trust today.) And then for a few more deep breaths tomorrow. 

You might even want to reach out and let someone else know they aren't alone. So often we realize we aren't alone when we tell someone else that we see them...that we are here for them.

I'll be here beside you trusting too.

Sending you so much light across the miles dear one. Yes.



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