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YES to gratitude {on being positive}

liz lamoreux

the you are not alone locket

Every now and then someone who has found me via Pinterest will comment on a pin or send me a note that says something like this, "How are you so positive all the time?" 

And in my head, my reaction is often, "Oh honey, if you only knew me."

But last Friday, as I was hammering lockets and pendants that will be going out across the miles this holiday season, I was thinking about this question. And the truth is when I push past that immediate need to hide a little or worry about what you would think if you saw the real "messy" me on a daily basis, this is what I find resting inside this idea of being positive:

I do believe that most of us are all doing the best we can each day. I believe that we each have hard stuff in our lives. Sometimes that hard stuff is huge and literally about life and death. Other times that hard stuff is the daily living stuff that piles up and feels heavy.

And in the midst of all of this, we want to know we are not alone. We want to know that we are loved.

Being someone who creates talismans that serve as a tangible reminder that we are not alone on this crazy, awesome, messy journey has become a way for me to be in touch daily with what I believe.

The act of literally hammering phrases like "I am enough" and "You are not alone" and "I am brave" and "hope lives here" and "deeply loved" pushes me to believe these things even on the hard days.

I am pushed to believe them because I know you believe them. How do I know? I've hammered thousands, yes thousands, of necklaces during the past few years filled with these phrases and words of the year and prayers.

And I've shared stories and quotes and other good things over on Pinterest and you keep saying, "Yes" and "Me too" and reaching out to say that you look at my pins each morning as you drink your coffee because they help you begin your day with a positive feeling in your heart.

You give me the gift of believing so that I know I am not alone over here holding onto these truths...tucking them into my pockets as I go about my day...as I experience the ebb and flow, the beauty and the mess, that each day brings. 

Thank you for this gift. I'm so blessed to do what I do each day.


This November, I'm exploring the idea of saying YES to gratitude in all its gorgeous, sometimes confusing, heart-expanding ways. And I'm inviting you to come along on the adventure here on my blog.

Throughout the month, there will be a practice in letting others know I'm grateful for them, a few stories, a collaboration or two, inspiration from others, some giveaways, and a few other good things. 

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