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yes. this.

liz lamoreux


evening backyard shenanigans

Tonight a little voice from down the hall called out "Mama."


For months, she's been saying mama in the name everyone in our family and point to them sort of way. But tonight was the first time she said it without being prompted. Said it while by herself. Said it in the way I have explained so many times, "When you need help, you can just say Help or Mama and I will be right there." 

Her words are tumbling out these days. I know you said they would. She's understood so much for so long that it just didn't seem to make sense that the words weren't there. But of course they were. She is just saying things in her time. As she should.

But as the words kept coming, a little part of my heart kept wondering when she would say that one word in that way that means, "Hey, you who loves me. I need you."

Tonight she did.