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liz lamoreux

Saying yes to ruffles & layers & softness & me. Just me.


to ruffles
to layers
to soft i could sleep in this clothes
to letting go of "what not to wear"
to colors that feel like home

to hats
to headbands
to oils that glide across my skin
to white after, before, and on labor day
to candles lit at dusk

to cozy
to cooking
to letting the shoulds be 
to listening
to choosing love 

today, i say yes
to ruffles
to layers
to me,
just me. 


I cleaned my closet Saturday and instead of the usual "you should keep this because it makes you look thinner" or "what if you need that white blouse for a meeting" or "do you know how much that cost" voice that I usually hear in my head when tackling the closet, I first heard the wisdom of my friend Hannah encouraging me. And then after the first shopping bag was full, I began to just hear my own. Yes. 

Slowly, I will go through it all...the closets, the drawers, the under the bed stuff...and I will gently gather only what I love to me.