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wildness :: my word of the year

liz lamoreux

My word for 2014 is "wildness."

It arrived during a day in mid-December spent listening to poet David Whyte as he talked about stillness as its own wildness. He said something like: When in stillness we join a flow that is happening around us and become wilder within that conversation.

And in that moment, something shifted deep within me.

The idea that the stillness I practice, that I teach, that I try to find for seconds at a time each day could bring me into conversation with the wildness not only around me but within me was a new way of looking at stillness for me. And one I'm looking forward to exploring for the next year.

I'll be pairing this idea of becoming wilder in the stillness with Thoreau's idea of wildness in the quote above.

I've been longing to get outside more, to take the senses walks I used to take, to stand at the water's edge alone and just breathe, to stand outside each day in my backyard and say hello to the hummingbirds and the chickadees and the juncos. To stop working and join the conversation in the woods and water so near to where I live.


the wild heart necklace | customizable and in the shop

So I'll be uncovering my wildness in 2014. I hope to document more in photos and words to take you along with me. And I'll be participating in Ali's One Little Word class to help keep my word front and center this year. Love how she's talking about "make your word visible," which is something I did in 2012 but not this past year. I look forward to keeping my word closer to me this year. 

I'm also carrying two more words with me: worthy and magic. I'll share more about these two this month. They aren't words of the year for me so much as words I'm holding close as practices to keep coming back to.

Owning my own "worthiness" is a practice I've been working with for a few months now. Standing tall in being worthy of the gifts that have come my way and recognizing how hard I've worked and how I can step around the assumptions of others. Worthy is one I'm wearing around my neck and putting in my pocket (which is why you see it popping up in the shop samples). And I love how many of you are claiming that word too. And magic keeps appearing on my path, and I'm listing and opening my heart up to it over here. Looking forward to experiencing that unfolding.

What word (or words) are you carrying with you? I'd love to know.