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why retreat (with melissa mcannally)

liz lamoreux

Today, I am sharing the second post in a new series of guest posts from a few of the ladies who have attended my retreats over the last few years. My hope is that these posts will not only give you a glimpse into the Be Present Retreats, but also invite you to realize the importance of taking time away from your daily life to recharge, connect with your kindreds, and rekindle your creativity.

And today, I am over the moon excited to welcome Melissa McAnnally as my guest today. The following is her poem (a poem!) response to the question "why retreat?" (Thank you dear girl!)


Why Retreat?

To fall in love

with the sound of laughter and the taste of wine

To meet new sisters

and feel that you are home

To walk through tall trees

and embrace the texture of moss and the comfort of damp air

To cover your hands in paint

and glue and paper and joy

To rest in the healing power of

the camera lens

To let poetry caress your ears

and flow deliciously across your tongue

To gobble spoonfuls of the

earth’s healing provision

To rediscover yourself

and your place in this beautiful world 



Melissa McAnnally lives along the Texas Gulf Coast, crunching numbers by day and exploring the world of art any chance she gets.

She is grateful to Liz and the Be Present Retreats for introducing her to the joy of messy, imperfect art and the healing power of the written word. 

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