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what is real.

liz lamoreux


A video posted by liz lamoreux (@lizelayne) on Dec 12, 2014 at 3:12pm PST


Over here:

I woke up knowing I did not get enough sleep.

I went back to bed for 20 minutes after Ellie and Jon left for school. It helped.

I hammered lots of phrases into metal before rushing off to Ellie's classroom to volunteer.

Halfway there I remembered I hadn't brushed my teeth.
For real.
I proceded to swish water around my mouth for about a mile and searched for a mint in my purse and came up with Burt's Bees tinted lip gloss which smells minty.

The kids were having snack time when I got there. I asked Ellie for a cheddar bunny and hoped for the best.

I was in charge of the table where the kids made snowmen on paper bags that they're going to use as gift bags. I explained the steps as we went but also just let them do their thing. This meant one of them made a triangle nose that was smaller than a nickel. The rest of them made noses that were more like life-sized carrots (like the example the teacher had made that I was trying to help them recreate). I heart the kid who wanted to just stick that little nose on the side of her bag. Most of the kids made something that kind of but totally did not look like the example. I stayed longer and helped take the kids to lunch (hard to say no when Ellie says "Please mama please come sit with me at lunch.") When her teacher sees them, I wonder if she's going to think "I'm probably not letting Eleanor's mom help with the crafty things again."*

Being at Ellie's school is a real treat and I'm happy my schedule is flexible enough that I can volunteer sometimes. When I'm there I want to work there. For real.

I lost work time unexpectedly, which was okay but still real.

I came home to some emails that turned me upside down a bit.

I got into a mood.

I turned on Taylor Swift (see above).

I remembered how I wanted to come to this space to write up some gift guides for you guys because I'm finding the most delightful things as I curate over on Pinterest. I'm hoping to make them soon, but until I do, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you gotta see this mug.  

While I was in the studio gathering gemstones and dancing, Millie ate six bagels. Millie, our golden retriever who we think is allergic to gluten. Now here's the thing, on one hand I'm kind of impressed. I mean, I couldn't eat six bagels in six hours. On the other. Shit.

Right now, I'm writing this list and thinking about how some things happening in our country right now have me so confused and sad. So I just keep lighting candles and sending love and compassion and peace out into the world. It's all I've got sometimes. Maybe you feel the same way.

And now it's time to for dinner and continuing to work with Ellie on her new needlepoint llama. Please let the evening be full of ease. For you too.


*I have a story coming about how I'm not crafty. I mean I know that I seem like I should be crafty and all, but I'm really not. I'm more like a deer in headlights when it comes to crafty things. For example, helping Ellie make her raccoon totem for school. Intense. More on that soon.