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water your mama soul

liz lamoreux

It is time to nourish yourself, baby girl.

A mama's day is full of so much. Shifting from one role to the next can be beautiful and really hard sometimes. Some days it can leave you feeling exhausted even while you're aware of the joy. In the midst of it all, you can forget about the one person who needs your support most of all: You.

Water Your Mama Soul is a 10-day journey into self-care, healing, and noticing what you need. It's about making the choice to open your heart to you even as you nurture the dear souls underneath your roof.

You'll use your camera and a journal to reconnect with yourself through prompts and self-care practices that will arrive in your inbox each day. And you won't be alone. I'll be alongside you with my own stories from the mama trenches as each email includes a story from my heart to you.

I've created this class because I believe 10 days of focused creative self-care for just 10-20 minutes a day will change your life. 

And I'm delighted to now offer Water Your Mama Soul as an ongoing class for just $19. When you register, your emails begin right away so you can work at your pace and begin today.

Learn more, read the FAQ, and register here.